1 - 3 July 2024
Fiera Milano Congressi

How to submit your project or paper and what to include

Once you have decided to submit a project or abstract for a paper, please create an account via our call for papers online portal to begin your submission.

Project submissions

Project submissions should be no more than 500 words in length and where possible should contain the following details:

For projects that have achieved FID

  • Project Title
  • Names of organistions involved in the project
  • Location of project
  • Industrial sector/s your project is serving
  • Expected environmental impact of the project (e.g anticipated emissions reduction, CO2 eliminiated)
  • Anticipated project cost (if figures are publicly available)
  • Anticipated project return (if figures are publicly available)
  • Key technologies used in the project
  • Customer/Offtaker
  • Project timeline


For projects awaiting FID

  • Please include the details cited above for project which have achieved FID but also where possible:
  • Proposed financial model and investment requirements/ investor profile
  • Confirm if there is a known off taker/customer in place
  • Confirm if technologies proposed for use in the project are already proven


If your project is selected for presentation at GET. You will then be asked to produce a short PPT deck. Presentations will take place at the Project X-Change, the centre stage on the exhibition floor. Presentations should take no longer than 15 minutes. Selected projects are invited to submit a ‘poster’ which will be on permanent display alongside the Project X-change theatre for the duration of the event. Projects will also be promoted on the GET digital channels.


Paper submissions

Abstracts of no more than 500 words should be submitted.

Content: The abstract title should clearly describe the presentation’s primary content in no more than 50 words.

Sector and Category: Select which sector you are representing. Then use the category and sub-category listing to indicate the theme that best describes the abstract. A primary choice is required. If you believe your abstract is relevant to more than one category, submit it under the category of best fit.

Figures: Graphs, diagrams, illustrations, tables, photographs should be used to enhance the selection committees understanding of the abstract. Captions and any necessary contextual information to understand the data will not count towards the word limit.

Presenter: Abstracts must be accompanied by a presenter profile. The proposed speaker (not the company) should be a good orator who can successfully convey and present information to an international audience in a live and interactive setting.

If your abstract is selected, you will be invited to prepare a PPT presentation to present your paper. This presentation should be no more than 10 minutes in length and will be presented alongside three other presentations in your category. The presentation sessions will be moderated by an expert in this particular field and Q+A with the audience will be held at the conclusion of the session. The presentations will take place in the spotlight theatres on the exhibition floor. Presentations/papers will all be published on the GET website as well as Energy Connects, a dmg events owned media partner.

Once you have decided to submit a project or abstract for a paper, please create an account via our call for papers online portal to begin your submission.