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GET Country Pavilions

The GET Country Pavilions bring a truly international flavour to the Global Energy Transition Congress and Exhibition. Carbon emissions know no-boundaries, and without committed cross-border collaboration it will be challenging to meet net zero goals.

The country pavilions at GET are a prime opportunity to create international partnerships, business agreements and exchange of know-how. These areas of the exhibition highlight the different expertise available across the world and across the industries that need to urgently decarbonise – energy, utilities, mining, steel, cement, transport, shipping, logistics, machinery, chemical and more. There is no one-size-fits all solution to get us to net-zero – and different regions and different industries require different approaches. The country pavilions are your one-stop-shop to advance your international appreciation of localised and tailored solutions, and an opportunity to reach into new markets.

Why be a part of a country pavilion?

Access New Markets

By exhibiting and attending, companies can showcase expertise and solutions to a global audience helping to establish a presence in international markets and expand reach beyond their region. This event can serve as a platform to explore new opportunities and partnerships in regions with high demand for lower carbon and renewable energy solutions. It is an opportunity for carbon intensive industries to show-case their solutions to reduce carbon emissions throughout their organisations.

Networking Opportunities

With over 20,000 visitors, and 300 exhibitors from around the world, exhibitors within the Pavilions can build relationships with new customers and suppliers, leading to new business partnerships and opportunities for growth.

Knowledge Sharing

The congress and exhibition features panel discussions, workshops, and presentations by industry leaders. Companies can gain insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the energy transition sector and share their own expertise and knowledge with the global community. If you wish to speak during the congress, why not consider submitting a project or paper.

Attract new investment

GET will attract investors and financial institutions interested in exploring potential investment in decarbonisation projects and applications. Being present at GET offers visibility in front of those who have the funds to invest in low carbon initiatives.


GET has confirmed 8 international country pavilions from 3 continents and welcomes other countries to consider participation. Please click on the flags below to learn what you can expect from the pavilions which have confirmed their presence.

Flag Italy

Expertise you can expect to see from Italian companies at GET:

​Green hydrogen production; Hydrogen storage and distribution; Solar technology; Photovoltaic manufacturing; waste-to-energy technologies; Hydropower design, operation, and maintenance; Circular economy; Sustainable and energy efficient construction materials; Low-carbon production methods for cement and steel; Alternative maritime fuels


Competenze che è possibile aspettarsi di vedere dalle aziende italiane a GET:

Produzione di idrogeno verde; Stoccaggio e distribuzione dell'idrogeno; Tecnologia solare; Produzione di fotovoltaici; Tecnologie per la trasformazione dei rifiuti in energia; Progettazione, gestione e manutenzione dell'idroelettrico; Economia circolare; Materiali da costruzione sostenibili ed energeticamente efficienti; Metodi di produzione a basso tenore di carbonio per cemento e acciaio; Combustibili marittimi alternativi.


GET is proud to work with International Exhibition Services (IES) as the official agent for the Italy Country Pavilion. To find out more about exhibiting in the Italy country pavilion, please get in touch

GET is proud to work with Twister Communications Group, one of the leading firms in Italian PR sector.


Flag UK
Uk 1

Expertise you can expect to see from UK companies at GET:

Renewable energy; Low-Carbon technologies; Nuclear Energy; CCUS; Low-carbon industrial processes; Shipping and maritime technologies; Hybrid vessels; Electrification of transport; Hydrogen fuel cells; Utilities and grid management; Energy efficiency; Hydrogen production and utilisation; Carbon trading; Carbon offsetting; Environmental technologies and services; Global project management; Financial and policy expertise.


To find out more about exhibiting in the UK country pavilion, please get in touch.

Flag USA

Expertise you can expect to see from US companies at GET:

LNG solutions; Renewable energy technology; Hydrogen Technologies; Energy storage solutions; Smart grid and grid modernisation; Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilisation; Direct Air Capture; Electric Vehicle Infrastructure; Nuclear Energy; Biofuels and Bioenergy; Energy Policy and Regulatory Consulting and expertise; Advanced materials and sustainable construction; Sustainable Aviation Technologies; Electric and Hydrogen Powered Heavy-Duty Transport; Maritime electrification and alternative fuels; Green Chemicals and sustainable processes; Circular Economy and Recycling and more!


GET is proud to collaborate with the International Trade Administration / U.S. Department of Commerce within their Trade Event Partnership Program. This presents an outstanding opportunity for U.S. energy companies to enhance their industry presence by participating in the USA Pavilion or attending the event as visitors.

GET is also proud to work with U.S. Bilateral Chamber as the official agent for the USA Pavilion. To find out more about exhibiting in the USA country pavilion, please get in touch


 USA Bilateral Chamber

Flag Türkiye

Expertise you can expect to see from Türkish companies at GET:

Geothermal energy; Solar energy components; Energy Storage Solutions; Energy Efficiency Solutions; Hydropower expertise; Grid integration ana management; Environmental technologies; Electric Vehicle Infrastructure; Wind Energy Components; Alternative materials for Cements and Concrete; Repurposing of CO2; Arc furnacing and hydrogen -based processes for steel; Heavy-duty electric vehicles; Alternative shipping fuels.


Türk şirketlerinin GET'te sunabileceği uzmanlık alanları:

Jeotermal enerji; Güneş enerjisi ögeleri; Enerji depolama çözümleri; Enerji verimliliği çözümleri; Hidroelektrik enerji uzmanlığı; Şebeke entegrasyonu ve yönetimi; Çevre teknolojileri; Elektrikli araç altyapısı; Rüzgar enerjisi bileşenleri; Çimento ve beton için alternatif malzemeler; CO2'nin yeniden kullanımı; ark ocakları ve çelik için hidrojen tabanlı işlemler; Ağır yük taşıyan elektrikli araçlar; Alternatif denizcilik yakıtları.


GET is proud to work with Selten as the official agent for the Turkey Country Pavilion. To find out more about exhibiting in the Turkey country pavilion, please get in touch.


Flag India

Expertise you can expect to see from Indian companies at GET:

​Large-scale solar and wind; Rooftop solar; Solar manufacturing; Solar integration; Wind turbine manufacturing; Wind power grid integration; LNG import and distribution; Hydrogen production and storage; Low-carbon industrial processes; Carbon capture technologies; Sustainable materials; Advanced battery technologies; Grid-scale energy storage systems; Rural electrification; Micro-grids; Off-grid solutions.



GET पर भारतीय कंपनियों से देखने की जाने वाली विशेषज्ञता:

बड़े पैमाने पर सौर और वायु ऊर्जा; छत पर सौर; सौर निर्माण; सौर एकीकरण; पवन चक्र निर्माण; पवन ऊर्जा ग्रिड एकीकरण; LNG आयात और वितरण; हाइड्रोजन उत्पादन और भंडारण; कम कार्बन उद्योगिक प्रक्रियाएँ; कार्बन कैप्चर प्रौद्योगिकियाँ; पर्यावरण में सामर्थ्यपूर्ण सामग्री; उन्नत बैटरी प्रौद्योगिकियाँ; ग्रिड-स्केल ऊर्जा संग्रह सिस्टम; ग्रामीण विद्युतीकरण; माइक्रो-ग्रिड्स; ऑफ-ग्रिड समाधान।



GET এ ভারতীয় কোম্পানিগুলির থেকে আপেক্ষিকতা দেখা যাবে:

বড় পরিস্কার সৌর এবং বায়ু শক্তি; উচ্চস্থান সৌর; সৌর উৎপাদন; সৌর সংক্ষেপন; পবন চাকা উৎপাদন; পবন শক্তি গ্রিড সংক্ষেপন; LNG আমদানি এবং বিতরণ; হাইড্রোজেন উৎপাদন এবং সংরক্ষণ; কাম কার্বন শিল্প প্রক্রিয়া; কার্বন ক্যাপচার প্রযুক্তি; টেকসই সামর্থ্যপূর্ণ সামগ্রী; উন্নত ব্যাটারি প্রযুক্তি; গ্রিড-স্কেল শক্তি সংরক্ষণ সিস্টেম; গ্রামীণ বৈদ্যুতিকরণ; মাইক্রো-গ্রিড; অফ-গ্রিড সমাধান।



GETలో ఇండియన్ కంపెనీలు నుంచి అందించిన విశేషజ్ఞతను మీరు ఎటువంటితే చూచున్నట్టుగా ఉంచవచ్చు:

పెద్ద స్కేల్ సోలర్ మరియు విండ్; రూఫ్టాప్ సోలర్; సోలర్ నిర్మాణ; సోలర్ ఐక్యరణ; విండ్ టర్బైన్ నిర్మాణ; విండ్ పవర్ గ్రిడ్ ఐక్యరణ; LNG ఎంపోర్ట్ మరియు పంపిణీ; హైడ్రాజన్ ఉత్పాదన మరియు భండారణ; తక్కువ కార్బన్ ఇండస్ట్రియల్ ప్రక్రియలు; కార్బన్ క్యాప


GET is proud to work with Expo Consult as the official agent for the India Country Pavilion. To find out more about exhibiting in the India country pavilion, please get in touch


Flag China

Expertise you can expect to see from Chinese companies at GET:

Renewable energy project development; large-scale wind and solar; photovoltaic technology; wind turbine manufacturing; wind farm design; natural gas infrastructure; LNG technologies; hydrogen production and storage; low-carbon industrial processes; sustainable shipping; smart-grid technologies; lithium-ion battery production.





GET is proud to work with MIE as the official agent for the China Country Pavilion. To find out more about exhibiting in the China country pavilion, please get in touch

Flag South Korea
South Korea

Expertise you can expect to see from South Korean companies at GET:

Advanced technology and innovation across the energy sector; Hydrogen production; Hydrogen storage; Hydrogen utilisation; Renewable energy integration; Advanced manufacturing; Renewable energy equipment; Cost efficient battery production; Energy storage solutions; CCUS for manufacturing and power plants; Smart cities; Electric mobility ecosystems.


GET에서 한국 기업에서 볼 수 있는 전문 분야:

에너지 부문 전반에 걸친 고급 기술과 혁신; 수소 생산; 수소 저장; 수소 활용; 재생 에너지 통합; 고급 제조; 재생 에너지 장비; 비용 효율적인 배터리 생산; 에너지 저장 솔루션; 제조 및 발전소를 위한 CCUS; 스마트 시티; 전기 이동 생태계.


GET is proud to work with Sun International (#1820, 596, Cheongneung-daero, Namdong-gu, 21667, Incheon, South Korea) as the official agent for the South Korea Country Pavilion. To find out more about exhibiting in the South Korea country pavilion, please get in touch.

Flag Spain

Expertise you can expect to see from Spanish companies at GET:

Renewable energy; Solar Energy Technologies; Wind Energy; Hydroelectric solutions; Biomass and Bioenergy; Circular Economy practices; Low-carbon manufacturing processes; Sustainable materials for steel and cement; Sustainable shipping; Electrification of transport; Hydrogen fuel cells; Diverse energy grid management; Smart grids; Desalination and water management; Waste-to-energy.

Expertise que puedes esperar ver de las empresas españolas en GET:

Energía renovable; Tecnologías de Energía Solar; Energía Eólica; Soluciones Hidroeléctricas; Biomasa y Bioenergía; Prácticas de Economía Circular; Procesos de fabricación de bajo carbono; Materiales sostenibles para acero y cemento; Transporte sostenible; Celdas de combustible de hidrógeno; Gestión diversa de la red energética; Redes inteligentes; Desalinización y gestión del agua; Conversión de residuos en energía.

GET is proud to work with Fluidex as the official agent for the Spain Country Pavilion. To find out more about exhibiting in the Spain country pavilion, please get in touch

What’s included in your stand

  • Company Nameboard
  • Furniture package of 1 x counter, 1 x table, 2 x chairs, 1 x literature rack, 1 x wastebin
  • 1 x electrical socket & lighting

Global Energy Transition Congress and Exhibition Floorplan 2024