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About the GET Conference

About the GET Conference

Over three days, the Global Energy Transition Congress and Exhibition will bring together international energy ministers, and CEOs from across the energy value chain and carbon intensive industries. This community of experts will share tangible, scalable and pragmatic approaches to accelerating the energy transition.

There are three key components to the conference programme: The Strategic Conference; Roadmaps to Net Zero Conference; and Project X-change.

The Strategic Conference includes the opening ceremony, keynote addresses, ministers in conversation and CEO-lead panels. With contributions from executive leaders from multiple industries, investors and entrepreneurs, these discussions will inspire authentic action on the energy transition.

Our Roadmaps to Net Zero conference has been curated via an international call for papers. Over 500 papers were submitted from four continents and 52 countries. The presentations will outline pragmatic roadmaps for a new, sustainable energy system-of-systems. They will examine potential obstacles to success and proven means of navigating the energy transition efficiently and effectively. Sessions will also focus on the capital, engineering, science and technology needed to effect change at scale and pace.

The Project X-change theatre will showcase the world’s leading multi-stakeholder projects and decarbonisation initiatives. Compiled via our international Call for Projects and selected via peer review, these presentations will inspire scale-up, replication and adaptation.

COP28 delivered the UAE consensus with an unprecedented reference to the transition away from fossil fuels as well as encouraging parties to accelerate ‘ambitious, economy-wide emission reduction targets'. As the global energy transition gains pace, the GET Conference and Exhibition is a unique international forum for converting commitment into action. The convergence of multiple factors has brought the world to an inflection point, where the scale of the opportunity is matched only by the consequences of failure. Transformative progress on climate can only be achieved by breaking down silos and bringing industries closer together.

GET will remove barriers and facilitate dialogue, unblock bottlenecks and solve common problems to create real change. This has never been attempted before on this scale.

The event will bring together a wide range of stakeholders, providing a forum for cross-industry connection, the exchange of new ideas, collaboration and innovation.

A selection of speakers include:

Conference Themes

The GET Congress 2024 is underpinned by six strategic themes:

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Net zero impasses

Integrating energy transition policy across industries and borders, creating the conditions for inclusive capital investment, collaborating on net zero enablement and navigating geopolitical volatility.

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Sustainability at scale

Accelerating the industrial-scale deployment of viable low carbon solutions, abating global emissions and arresting planetary warming.

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Decarbonisation capital

Financing the global energy transition, structuring incentives, balancing risk and reward, and driving social buy-in.

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Climate action beyond carbon

Addressing biodiversity loss, realigning economic models for circular and regenerative impact, consolidating climate successes, and developing new strategies for greenhouse gas emissions abatement.

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Inclusive green growth

Harnessing innovation, capturing inclusive growth opportunities, reskilling the labour force, and easing bottlenecks in supply chains.

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Corporate and consumer behaviour change

Bridging the gap between intentions and actions, rewarding climate adaptation in challenging economic times, ending greenwashing, and refuting and rebutting misinformation.