John Kraus
John Kraus


Engineers Without Borders UK


John Kraus's career has spanned a variety of roles and sectors. As an official working on a wide range of international policy themes, he has been most energised by issues that relate to tangible improvements in the quality of human life: delivering technical assistance to economies in transition, pushing for more effective protection of human rights within the UN, and championing higher ambition on climate action. Although his diplomatic career was anchored in promoting the “national interest” – for example, national security, economic prosperity and global energy supply – he came to realise that these issues could not be separated from social justice and the health of the planet.

Working with professional bodies in the built environment sector, John was able to combine his diverse policy experience under a broader theme of sustainability. He promoted the idea that professionals ought to be at the heart of sustainable thinking and practice and has been inspired by the many professionals who share this view, and who champion change amongst their peers and within their organisations and industries.

As Chief Executive of Engineers Without Borders UK, his purpose is to deliver the organisation’s 2021-2030 strategy, “Reaching the tipping point for globally responsible engineering”. That means a movement of 500,000 individuals actively committed to putting global responsibility at the heart of all engineering, and 250,000 people equipped with the skills to do that. Of equal importance is that the movement drives real change, and those who are trained by EWB UK are able to put their skills into practice. If the combined effect is transformative, he will consider that success.