Yao Li
Yao Li

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

SIA Energy


In her 20+ years working in Chinese energy policy and the oil and gas sector, Yao Li has developed a deep understanding of the structure, drivers and dynamics of the Chinese government, Chinese national oil companies and Tier-2 Chinese LNG players. She advises SIA Energy clients on entry opportunities, partnership strategies and oil and gas policy, with an expertise in Chinese and oil/gas markets and value chain partnerships.

Prior to founding SIA Energy, Yao served in roles with PFC Energy, a Washington DC-based oil and gas advisor, expanding the firm’s China subscriptions and consulting business, while establishing a valuable network in China’s energy industry along the way. Previously, she worked in the private sector in Oman, where she was exposed to the technical side of the oil industry and the economic needs and priorities of the Gulf States.

Yao holds a Master of Science degree from the Edmond A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, DC and a Bachelor of Laws degree in International Politics from Renmin University of China.