Daniel Dean
Daniel Dean


International Bank for Nuclear Infrastructure – IO SAG


Daniel is the founder and Chairman of the International Bank for Nuclear Infrastructure - Implementation Organization Strategic Advisory Group (IBNI-IO SAG). In addition, he is the founder and CEO of Dean Capital Strategies GmbH, in Vienna Austria (DCS), a Vienna-based global consulting network. He also currently serves as a senior advisor to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and is an affiliate of the Nuclear Economics Consulting Group (NECG).

Prior to his current roles, Daniel spent over 25 years investment banking and financial advisory in the infrastructure, energy & utilities, mergers & acquisitions, project finance and public finance areas. During his investment banking career, he held lead roles as a senior banker within infrastructure and energy, mergers & acquisitions, project finance and debt capital markets departments at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Chicago, USA, Raiffeisen Bank International in Vienna, Austria and other investment banks and financial advisory firms.

Throughout his career, Daniel has advised corporations, governments, investors, lenders and multilaterals on more than 250 financing transactions, having a value of more than US $ 35 billion.

Daniel holds a BSc in Mathematical Economics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (USA) and has also completed two years of studies toward a Ph.D in Statistics at the University of Minnesota.