Simon Flowers
Simon Flowers

Chairman & Chief Analyst

Wood Mackenzie


Simon's connection with Wood Mackenzie dates back several decades. He initially joined the company in 1983 as an upstream analyst focused on the North-West Europe region. Later, he relocated to Sydney, where he transitioned to an equity analyst role covering the Australian oil, gas, and mining sectors. 

Upon his return to the UK in 1992, Simon gained recognition as a top-ranked oil analyst at NatWest Markets. He subsequently assumed the position of Managing Director and Head of Pan European Utilities Research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. In this capacity, he collaborated closely with the leadership of various utility companies and played a pivotal role in significant European privatizations, including Enel, EdF, and GdF. 

In 2010, Simon rejoined Wood Mackenzie, bringing over two decades of extensive experience spanning diverse commodities and sectors such as oil and gas, utilities, and mining. This wealth of expertise uniquely equips him for his current roles as Chief Analyst and Chairman, where he curates valuable content and thematic research. Simon's insights into the factors shaping the energy landscape are frequently sought after by industry leaders and international media alike.