Maximise global exposure and elevate your brand presence

GET attracts a prestigious gathering of ministers, influential professionals, industry strategists, and policymakers from around the world who are engaged in the energy value chain. By becoming a sponsor, you gain unparalleled visibility over the course of the exhibition, conference, and networking events, allowing you to make a powerful impact on your brand's reputation. 

As a sponsor of GET, you gain an exceptional platform to position your business at the forefront of the industry. With a focus on natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, low-carbon solutions, and climate technologies, the event provides a prime opportunity to showcase your brand, products, and services to key stakeholders. This strategic positioning allows you to reinforce your industry leadership and establish meaningful connections with influential players. 

GET sponsorship is carefully designed to enhance your company's profile before, during, and after the event. With a staggering attendance of 20,000 professionals across three days, your business gains unparalleled access to new markets, potential clients, and strategic partnerships. By leveraging the event's extensive network, you can propel your brand to new heights and seize remarkable growth opportunities. 


Why Sponsor?

Gain investment

Sponsoring the GET Congress and Exhibition provides a unique opportunity to align your brand with industry leaders, network with key stakeholders, and gain investment that can contribute to your business objectives and growth.

Build brand awareness

By becoming a sponsor, your brand will gain significant exposure and visibility among a targeted audience of industry professionals, positioning your company as a trusted and influential player in the energy sector.

Inspire thought leadership

Showcase your expertise and industry knowledge by participating in panel discussions, presenting keynote speeches, or hosting workshops, allowing you to establish your brand as a thought leader and influencer within the energy community.

Demonstrate innovative approaches

Highlight your company's cutting-edge solutions, technologies, and initiatives to a discerning audience, showcasing your commitment to innovation and positioning your brand as a pioneer in the energy sector.

Generate business opportunities

Sponsoring the GET Congress and Exhibition opens doors to valuable business connections, enabling you to engage with potential clients, investors, and partners, fostering collaborations that can lead to new business opportunities and market expansion.

Access new markets

With an audience of 20,000+ industry professionals on the event floor and an online database upwards of 1.4 million contacts, the Global Energy Transition Congress and Exhibition is a prime opportunity to cultivate new relationships, forge opportunities and expand your network.

Partner Sponsorship Items

Flag Registration Desks

Positioned at each entrance of where participants will register, print, and receive their event badges. By branding a registration desk, sponsors can solidify their brand presence and amplify visibility to senior level delegations and 20,000+ visitors throughout the events duration.

Flag Lanyards

GET Congress and Exhibition lanyards serve as essential accessories, securely holding name badges for attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and visitors at the event venue. Convenient lanyard collection points are strategically positioned at registration desks. By sponsoring these lanyards, your company secures a prominent branding platform, showcasing your logo exclusively to an audience of 20,000+ visitors.

Flag Delegate bags

Every conference delegate will receive a premium-quality bag adorned with the sponsor’s logo. These bags won’t just be used during the event but will likely  become part of their daily routine long after GET is over. This branding opportunity reaches a significant audience, including 2,000+ delegates ranging from C-level executives and government representatives to directors, investors, engineers, marketers, procurement professionals, and other key figures spanning the energy, hard-to-abate, and finance sectors.

Flag Mobile charging packs

Support uninterrupted connectivity while elevating brand visibility by sponsoring these functional mobile charging packs. Dispensed to 2,000+ delegates, including VIPs, ministers, and C-level executives, during the GET Congress & Exhibition, these packs ensure the GET visitors stays powered up and engaged throughout the event.

Platinum Sponsorship Items

Flag Wireless earphones

Wireless headphones will be included in each bag distributed to 2,000+ delegates. This opportunity offers an exclusive platform to brand a product that will be utilised by VIPs, ministers, and C-suite executives during and beyond the show, amplifying your company’s presence, profile, and engagement throughout the entire event.

Flag Mobile app

The GET Congress & Exhibition app stands as the paramount tool for exhibitors, visitors, and delegates alike. It fosters networking, information exchange, venue navigation, exhibitor insights, appointment tracking, and real-time conference updates. Accessible to all 20,000+ GET visitors, the app includes an exclusive sponsor pop-up page that prominently showcases their logo. Downloadable three months before the event, this app offers a branding platform well in advance of the event, setting it apart as a unique opportunity for brand visibility.

Flag Delegate networking lounge

Exclusive sponsorship of the delegate lounge at the GET Congress & Exhibition allows the sponsoring company an opportunity to align its brand with a global business meeting facility. The delegate lounge provides a space for delegates to network and do business over the three days. Branding of this area with high footfall provides an excellent opportunity for your brand to be seen by 2,000+ senior conference delegates.

Flag Visitor bags

During the three-day event, visitors receive a complimentary exhibition visitor bag from designated distribution points. As the sponsor of this prominent branding opportunity, your logo will take centre stage on these bags and distribution units. Additionally, you have the option to distribute these branded bags from your own exhibition stand. Given the expected turnout of 20,000+ visitors, this presents an exceptional chance for any organisation aiming to elevate their presence in the energy transition sector.

Gold Sponsorship Items

Flag Refillable water bottles

To help reduce plastic waste and keep delegates hydrated, branded sustainable and reusable water bottles are available to sponsor for 2,000+ delegates, speakers and VIPs placed inside the delegate bags.

Flag Travel adapters

Conference travel adapters, a practical and valuable inclusion in each delegate bag, will be distributed to 2,000+ delegates, speakers and VIPs attending the event. By branding these adapters, you gain substantial exposure that continues even after the culmination of the GET Congress & Exhibition.

Flag Delegate lunch break sponsor

The delegate lunch provides a refreshing pause amidst the event’s activities. With 2,000+ delegates seeking refreshments, your brand will stand out as the provider of an essential opportunity for relaxation and revitalisation.

Flag Exhibition charging stations

Strategically positioned across the exhibition floor, our charging stations offer more than electronic device recharge. Providing seating for rest and access to all attendees, these stations are a unique branding opportunity. By imprinting your company’s logo on the charging stations, designated zone, and seating areas, you’ll not only offer a refreshing break to the GET audience but also elevate your company’s visibility for an extended period as visitors recharge their devices.

Silver Sponsorship Items

Flag Here to help staff t-shirts

Our helper staff members will be stationed strategically throughout the event to assist visitors with any questions or inquiries they may have. Your logo on their t shirts offers a high-impact branding opportunity to reach 20,000+ attendees during the three days of the Congress & Exhibition.

Flag Information desks

Elevate your brand visibility by sponsoring two information desks that are visited by all attendees. This sponsorship package entails your branding prominently displayed on both the front of the counter and the back wall of the information desks.

Flag Conference notebooks
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By exclusively sponsoring notebooks, your logo gains high visibility among all conference attendees. This stands as one of the most prominent branding opportunities to enhance awareness of your participation at GET. These notebooks will be accessible to all conference programme attendees and will be included in every delegate bag, ensuring widespread exposure.

Flag Visitor pens

Included within the visitor bags distributed to 20,000+ participants, the visitor pen serves as an ideal opportunity for sponsor branding. This practical addition to the visitor package offers more than just functionality – it becomes a lasting takeaway and a continuous reminder of the impactful experience at the GET Congress & Exhibition.

GET Networking

Flag Gala dinner

GET Congress and Exhibition Gala Dinner gathers 200 prominent figures including ministers, CEOs, and industry leaders, creating a unique opportunity for networking and meaningful connections. Experience an evening of culinary excellence with a locally inspired menu and top-tier entertainment. This exclusive event offers an ideal backdrop for companies and senior management to host valued clients and  engage in meaningful networking with industry peers.

Flag Networking Breaks
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This is a perfect opportunity to meet fellow industry leaders, exchange ideas, and forge new connections in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Throughout the evening, you’ll have the chance to connect with professionals from various sectors of the energy industry, share experiences, and lay the groundwork for valuable collaborations.