Leonardo Brunori
Leonardo Brunori

Energy and Mobility Executive Vice President RINA,
Vice President Assorisorse


Leonardo Brunori is a Mechanical Engineer and a seasoned senior manager with over 30 years of technical and managerial expertise. He joined RINA in 1992, gaining proficiencies by overseeing and managing the progression of diverse projects, ensuring the competence and appropriateness of the staff. He played a role in the internal team responsible for ensuring alignment between the corporate policies of the RINA Group and pertinent laws and regulations, encompassing areas such as Quality, Health, Safety, and the Environment.

He held the position of Business Unit Manager for the Oil & Gas sector, entailing management responsibilities and direct accountability to the Company Board. He also coordinates the various departments throughout the entire project lifecycle, including certification, design appraisal, HSE, risk assessment, inspection and expediting, and site supervision. Presently, Mr Brunori serves as the Executive Vice President for Energy & Mobility at RINA. He combines extensive technical expertise with strong managerial, marketing, and financial skills.

In his capacity, he chairs and bears responsibility for the operations and outcomes of the group in the Energy & Mobility markets. He harnesses the synergies between competence centres and the operational network for multidisciplinary projects demanding mobilization of several highly specialized areas of expertise.